DIY Christmas

Okay, some may say it is a bit too early.. but my rule has always been that as soon as Halloween passes you can start thinking Christmas and well its only a matter of days before Halloween is done with so why can’t I start now?

I can’t take credit for these amazing DIY ideas but I have too share them as some of them are just too good to pass up. Who says that Christmas decorations have to be expensive!

1.) Christmas Snow Globes.

Maybe it is just me but I find THESE WAY CUTER then the regular old fashioned snow globes. How cute and super easy.Image

2.)  Yarn & Rope Balls

As soon as I saw these I thought of something straight out of the PotteryBarn or UrbanBarn catalogue how cute! 

Here’s a quick and easy way to style your home with a fresh approach using plain glass globes…

These ornaments look like yarn caught inside of a bubble.

Gather these in a bowl or a tall apothecary jar, or hang them on the tree – they look great anywhere.

To make these just remove the metal fitting from a clear glass ornament and fill it with yarn or rope. You can find plain glass balls a Jo-Ann’s or Michael’s.

Yesterday’s news works too – just cut paper into shreds and tuck inside.

3.) DIY Christmas Trees

I love love love love love these, did I mention I love these? 

You can use foam cones (found in the floral section) for the forms and lots of hot glue.

The appliques of choice used in this DIY project are scrunched up tissue paper, a thick fluffy yarn, and silver and white glitter.  You could also use those little pom pom balls in the kid’s craft section, feathers, or a fun festive fabric.  They would be really cute in a cable knit fabric or red burlap for texture.

You can find the silver taper candle sticks at Michael’s but Wal-Mart sells clear crystal ones for a few dollars if you want something less visible.   The cheaper the better since you are gluing them to the cones.

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