DIY: Neon Toe Shoes

I have been wanting Neon Toe Shoes FOREVER but as a recent graduate and the un-proud owner of numerous student loans, another new pair of shoes really isn’t in my budget. Okay, who am I kidding.. there is always room for new shoes in any woman’s closet BUT doing it myself makes me feel that much better.. and maybe more worthy of *cough* deserving another pair of shoes (justified right)? Making your own shoes is super easy and unlike a lot of DIY projects this project requires very little projects.


• In the photos below Nude Patent Pumps are used but you can use any colour really that makes you happy.

• Pink Fluorescent Neon Spray Paint or even better Floral Spray.

• Packing Tape

• Old Towels (to protect your shoes when you spray)

& that’s all.

neon shoe DIY



Tape Shoes. First you’ll want to tape your shoes. The area you don’t tape is where the color will be. You can also tape the rubber sole to get a nuce clean finish. You don’t have to tape the inside of your shoes, since we will cover them with an old towel.


Next cover the shoes. Take them outside and spray 2-3 coats on the shoes (don’t use more than 3 coats as the layers of paint are too much and will most likely start to chip). Then spray the color with a sealer to protect and so it won’t chip. 

And that’s it! You are done. 🙂 The hardest part is making sure you do a good job taping, but otherwise, so easy. Take off the tape and enjoy your fun new shoes!



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