A new Modern Twist on Friendship Bracelets

I just saw this on TUMBLR and fell in love. I love how it is a great spin on the classic friendship bracelets & is a great gift idea for any friends close or far away. I just want to make these in every design, such a great idea! 


  1. Cut six pieces of crochet thread (size 10), each about 30 cm in length. Do this for all three colors you want to use in your braid.
  2. Attach the six pieces together with glue and a box clasp at one end. Repeat for the other two colors.
  3. Take a piece of large link chain around 18 cm long and measure it against your wrist. Add or take off links with pliers until you are satisfied with the fit.
  4. Open the first link and thread on the three box clasps in any order.
  5. Start braiding, making sure that each color is threaded through the chain links in sequence.
  6. Stop braiding three links before the end of the chain and attach three more box clasps on the ends.
  7. Open up the last link of the chain, thread on the box clasps and a lobster clasp, and close the link with pliers.

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