Lessons learned…

In the last year I have learned about relationships in three different conducts. The one you encompass in the midst of yourself, the solitary you bear with acquaintances & the lone you hold with another amorously. I have realized that in order to sustain all three relationships, you are obliged to treat all three uniformly. It’s a lot of exertion to maintain equilibrium within these “relationships” and I have realized it’s an area of “time management” you are never prepared for in the basic training of elementary school. Through my experiences I have learned a lot about being grounded as an individual and therefore have discovered how vital this “relationship” in actuality is. You would suppose that after spending multiple years in the work place, higher education and the numerous self help books (we claim we never read) most would “know” who they are but the funny thing is I have come to the realization you may never know and the beauty in this is embracing that you are okay with that. It’s almost as if right when you figure out who you are that is the very moment you start to evolve and in reality it’s a beautiful thing. Many coincide the act of evolving as an appalling action; in reality if you don’t take the time to grow it explains why so many people are unhappy as they are still living in the hopes and dreams and beliefs of someone 10 years ago. Its almost as if we are limiting ourselves within this, each day we gain knowledge and it is our job to put that knowledge into use. Spread it, bottle it up, do as you wish but it is our jobs as humans to self reflect and many of us miss this vital step as we are caught up in the busyness the world as to offer. Share it or grow from it as you wish but the most important key is the “acknowledgement” stage. Don’t act as though you have it all together all the time, embrace empowerment, knowledge and the possibility of unknown territories; we live a long life for a reason. When a moment now shall strike me as a new beginning I now know life is leading me to grow and as I grow I am evolving only upwards.


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